Greetings from the Vice Principal

Greetings from SKS School & College, a sister organization of SKS Foundation where students are encouraged and supported to work for quality education!

Every child has unique intelligence and our accountability is to nourish every student with their natural talents in providing with proper education. Education is an art of discovery. SKS School & College is providing students with modern education in an excellent academic environment. We are developing our children in such a way that they can learn everything properly at the School and College levels as well as they can take challenges in their future exertion. We have experienced teachers in different disciplines for our methodical education approach that will help our children for their cognitive development and well-behaviour, so that a child can be able to exhibit his individuality.

SKS School & College supports digital and modern approaches to learning, setting a challenge for all the students in our institution to be “the best you can be” in academic achievement. This achievement can be done through classroom teaching, laboratory works, cultural attachments, study tour, sports, performances and many more.

In addition, the SKS School &College is going to implement the total academic environment with the most modern digital system. The accounts, library, admission procedure, attendance, results, and preparation of students’ progress report of our Institution are in the process to be digitized. This will ensure easy access to required information and bring about a greater degree of transparency and accountability in overall administration of the School &College.

Finally, I can say that all the parents/guardians can be relaxed with our education system and our responsibility and dedication for their children. I am confident that students at SKS School & College will find their education with a dynamic system.

I believe, the teacher-student relationship will make SKS School & College the best institution.


Dr. Anamika Shaha

Vice Principal

SKS School & College