Greetings from the Principal

In this age of globalization, education is an integral part of human life. An educated nation is the most powerful and active resource of a country. Without education development of any country or any nation is impossible. So the prosperity of education is very urgent/needed. In the developing country like Bangladesh, the extension of education is a must. For this reason, SKS Foundation has established SKS School & College in the non-progressive district of the north, Gaibandha.

This educational institution has been established taking the noble aim of reaching the modern and up-to-date education to the doors of the people of the remote area. This institution will launch/start/open its new horizon through the admission of the students from play group to class nine in 2018. For this reason, academic and curricular activities will speed up under the leadership of experienced teachers and expert administrations along with a number of children and youths.

How a country and its nation will be absolutely depends on its educational system. Standard and ideal/moral-based education can reach a nation to its aim /target. In this stern competitive world of the twenty-first century, there is a very much want of a skilled manpower. But to fill up this lacking, the number of standard educational institutions is not enough/ available.On the condition of establishing an up-to-date, scientific, religious, patriotic and morality-based education, SKS School & College in Gaibandha has started its journey. At the initial step, this institution has launched its academic curriculum and very soon it will be extended up to class twelve. We hope that we will be able to establish this institution as the best institution of this area through our endeavor and your complete help.

In the end, we hope for the future success and development of this institution to the Almighty.

Md. Abdus Sattar
The Principal,
SKS School & College, Gaibandha
Formerly: The Principal,
Cantt. Public School & College, Saidpur.